The day is young, nervous excitement rushes blood to your fingertips. Friendly chatter decked with laughter rings ears like chapel bells. Family & Friends are near, it's finally here! The day has come, it's reveal day, your portraits are ready. Beautiful Expectations await you.

Welcome to Stephen Gaskins Photography where excellence meets beauty and our expectations is nothing less than providing you with an lasting impression . We provide a total makeover experience. There are 3 phases:

Phase 1

Initial contact, and setting up a consultation via meet & greet or phone. Pricing and packages are discussed. A date is selected and the booking process begins to secure your session.  A vision is casted on how you would like to be photographed, outfits and looks are discussed (stylist are available per request). 

Phase 2 

Now that that's out the way, we move forward to your shooting day.

We suggest you gather your clothes you will be shooting in, the night before so you won't forget anything, (life happens) and come into your session relaxed in some comfy clothes & shoes. From there we will take a before picture and you'll be in the hands of one of our professional hair & makeup artist, time to get dolled up. After your beautiful transformation it's finally time to shoot. We will spend the next few hours taking amazing photos in a relaxed comfortable studio setting. Time to laugh, have fun, look gorgeous, and just be yourself. After your session we HIGLY RECOMMEND that you don't let the day end there. Think about it! You're dressed up, you just got your hair done, your make-up done, you just had an amazing photoshoot, you're feeling yourself right now, why not go out and do something fun tonight! Hire a babysitter or maybe you don't have to, Invite some friends make it a girls night out, go dancing, fancy dinner, see a show, or date night with that special someone, bet they will be happy to see you. This day is totally your day, make it a celebration!  Listen you deserve it! 

“Thank you to everyone who took part in this shoot. My make up artist Nakeitha Melton was amazing and gave my skin such glow. My photographer Stephen Gaskins was very friendly and his studio was private enough to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. The photos came out great and I can't wait to book again. - Rashelle Rodriguez”


Phase 3

There here! The moment you've been waiting for! It's time to come in and view your portraits at your private photo reveal. You can invite a few members of your family and/or friends to come with you and see your finished pictures. Which will be printed and displayed in a gallery for you and your family & friends to review. From here you will make your final selections of the images you select. And you'll leave with a photo box and drives with your final selection. And from there you'll probably go on to be the most powerful woman on the planet. Ok... well... we can't guarantee that last part, but we are certain that the Beautiful Expectations we envisioned will be talked about for years to come, because you'll have stunning images to prove it.