"If this is me... And me is this... Then why is this me? - @SLGaskins" It's a motto I created as a teenager. I believed it so til I had it imprinted on a necklace and wore it everywhere I went. It always sparked a convo, people would ask: what does that mean? Easy! It's a question I believe one must ask themselves. If you are what you're passionate about and what your passionate about expresses a lot about who you are, then ask yourself why am I passionate about this thing... And that answer should be the fuel when the pressure is on, when doubt comes and says you can't do this, when odds are against you, and when life says you can't, you remember you are your passions and let the reason you do it, be the fuel to drive you past opposition. Look yourself in the mirror, point a finger at yourself and say "You! I have BEAUTIFUL EXPECTATIONS for you. I believe in you!"

That's a lesson I had to learn in the process of learning to love myself. Embracing the person God made me to be, and accepting my perfect imperfection. A lot can be seen when corrective lenses are over bad eyes. There is where my passion is birthed. I want everyone to see just how beautiful they are just the way they are. Of course! Who wouldn't want to lose a pound or two, or gain a pound or two, beef up or lean down, but those aren't the things that make you beautiful. Those are just cosmetic jewelry, true beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder, but I dare say true beauty is in the eye of a self-lover. Sometimes that love needs a spark to start the fire inside, and there is where I come in. One of my passions is poetry I'm also a spoken word artist, here is a poem I wrote about that spark!

"With just the right amount of smile... The sun rewarded her presence with just enough exposure... To expose the luminance of her face... You can feel the radiance in her laugh... Her eyes light the path... It's called the moment.... The here & now... soon to be the past unless at last... time is captured and force the be still... Forced to be silent while telling the story... Of the here & now... for the memory of tomorrow... So I stand here... behind this camera... not taking pictures but preserving times we never want to forget... Capturing moments soon to be forever relived... Through time stood still"

It my job to capture the moment! Your moment! It's my Beautiful Expectations to bring you to a pinnacle of revelation to see just how beautiful you are. That there is a story behind your eyes and that story is what we will capture.

It gives me great joy, unbelievable satisfaction, and unequivocal bliss, seeing the look and a young mothers face seeing her images when she didn't think anyone would ever think she's pretty again. Or a grandmother who so excited to have portraits to send to their grandkids to remember her . A young family elated about their first pictures as a family. The glow from a fresh couple looking at engagement images they will cherish for the next 20+ years. You may only get the images, but I get the reward, I fulfilled my purpose, I mastered time.

Life is a canvas; you're the painter of your dreams - @SLGaskins

Stephen L Gaskins